Hilary Duff II

I am highly aware that I tend to feature the same people over and over again. You can see the pieces that I like along with the celeb style I wish to have. I wrote about Hilary back in December and I feel that it is time that I post about her style again. I have been saving pictures for the last few months and decided not to use them in many of my posts with the hope of collecting enough to have a new Fashionista post.

Beautiful...look at her.
Ok...the outfit. Love the sweater, leggings, bootie combo.
Typical Hilary outfit.
LOVE the cutout sides on the leggings.
AND the peep toe bootie. In pewter.

Drapey sweater and J Brand cargo skinnies.
Love the proportions and the shoes.

Sexy accessories.
INCREDIBLE earrings.
Great Fedora and clutch.
Easy ways to dress up the basics.
Nerdy Chic.
Her staple: a great scarf.
Leather jacket looks comfy.
And how CUTE are those glasses?
Makes me wish I needed glasses.
I heart this sweater.
I couldn't find a pic on the internet where she is wearing it off of her shoulder.
But you can see the pic in April Instyle.
And the bag is to die for. Givenchy Nightingale. Undercover "it" bag.
And she got the proportions right. Again.
Striped cardi, and boots. Perfect winter (In Cali) ensemble.
Oh and an Hermes Birkin...a touch of class

The necklace makes this outfit.
Resin chainlink.

I have blogged about the sunglasses before.
I saw them on her and wanted them. Simple as that. Hmmm.
Chloe Tillia in off white.

Saved the best for last.
I love how polished she looks.
Simple floral tank. Black pants. And statement earrings.
Basic dressed up.
And her hair...pulled back but looks elegant. I need to master this!
And doesn't her make up look fantastic?

Hilary is one of my favorite style celebs.
Can I have her closet?
Pretty please!

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