HELP!!! I need YOUR opinion

I am ITCHING to buy some new sunglasses.
As I mentioned before I am a sunglasses whore!
Please excuse my attempt at rhyming. I thought it sounded good. HAHA!
I already have a pair picked out that won't make a dent in my wallet. They are fun and fashionable and I know that they will do well with all of my travel.

I am getting these DVF's
They look great on and I love the color.
Easy, breezy.

NOW onto the hard choice.
I want a pair of Chloe sunglasses.
They are not a part of my collection yet and I am dying to have a pair. Especially a pair that have a retro feel.

So here are my top two..

The Sugi

or the...

The (round) Tilia

This is where I beg, plead, cry out for your help!

Which pair should I get!?!


  1. I say the round Tilia pair. How much are those DVF's by the way and what's the style? i love them! I actually have an appointment to shop on Sunday and on my list is a new pair of shades.

  2. The DVF's are $125 and come in Black and Taupe as well. They are on the Nordy's website. The style number is DVF510S.

  3. I love both of the Chloe options!! I say get both... haha but the DVF's are so fun too - obviously I can't decide either they're all great picks!


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