Fifty Five: Dita Sunglasses

I have had a love affair with sunglasses since I was in middle school. Back then it was all about the surfer/skater brands and I got my first Roxy pair in 9th grade. I felt SO cool! Then I moved onto Flygirls (from Blackfly) and Arnette. I didn't turn to designer shades until college. That is when I was sucked into Gucci and Chanel. When I managed the accessories department I broadened my horizons and liked the brands/styles that not everyone bought. My collection is quite large and fancy. I think I have a pair of glasses from almost every designer house.

My latest obsession comes from Dita.
The Wonderlust.
It is a large oversized frame with a gradient lens.

I am buying these when I get my bonus check!

I also tried on the Sunbeam.
But I think the slight cat-eye is better for my oval almost round face.

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