thirty NINE: i've got sunshine...on a cloudy day... dum dum dum dum

I think that YELLOW is one of the best colors yet hardest to wear.
This dress is one of my favorites and I wish I had something similar to it!
It is like a ray of sunshine!

Lauren captures the true Cali girl.
The long windblown waves (that I try to replicate every day)
The simple gold arm bracelet.
And the piece that ties the outfit together is the Vachetta belt.

The one thing that you CAN'T see is these adorable criss cross platform Miu Miu's

It still breaks my heart that I didn't BUY them...
my Jessica Simpson knock-off's just don't cut it :(

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  1. That dress looks great on her, I never ever wear yellow. I just don't think I can!


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