Cheers to a NEW week

I had the worst week ever. It left me drained and not in the mood to blog. Which of course made me sad since I really wanted to post on my blog every day. It is a challenge that has been very inspiring to me (and hopefully my readers). Boy is it hard to find something that I love, that fills my fashion need, or is interesting every single day. But I love TRYING.

This week I head to the Pacific Northwest for work meetings. I am required to attend meetings and work shops at the mother ship in Seattle. I lived in Seattle for a fleeting moment in time and it is always nice to visit. I look forward to hearing the 2010 vision, planning for a rewarding year and catching up with old friends. I am choosing to make this a GREAT week (even while facing the demons of last week).

I am not going to post date my missed posts...I am going to double post each day until I catch up :)
I am committing that you will get 365 posts here on Fashion Lane! I don't want to let down my fellow fashionista's!!

P.S. In order to cheer myself up...I have to make a purchase :) I posted about THIS bag and I have a feeling I am going to make her mine!

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