Kim Kardashian

I was going to start this post stating "She is one of my Style Crushes" when I realized..."Duh, Mandy, you have A LOT of style crushes". I HAVE so much inspiration that it truly excites me.

On to Kim.
I know that there are many haters out there.
They hate that Kim is famous for nothing.
That she is all over the place...Hello Carl's Jr. commercial.
And that she can act a tad bit spoiled.
But she is GORGEOUS.
WORKS out hard for that amazing body.
Has a very strong work ethic...Right, Reggie?
And LOVES her family.

And she has a DAMN good stylist.
Like Hillary she tends to stick to a uniform.
But she always looks good.
Who knows how long it takes her to get ready!!

My favorite outfit from a dinner at Nobu in early January.
Kind of Boho, yet elegant.
From her blouse, to the fur vest, AMAZING wedge boots, Birkin and sunglasses...she killed it!
Sequins have been hot hot hot!
I love how the outfit shows off her body.
Gold is a great color for her.
This one I LOVE also.
Its all in the vest.
and maybe because I have the same YSL Tributes AND leggings
A typical Kim "outfit"...
Blazer, leggings and boots
She looks great here. Love the YSL booties and the leather and ponte knit skirt.
the silver sequins are sexy too!
MY favorite shoes!! I wish I knew what they were...ANYONE KNOW???
I Love to dress up shorts.
It gets hot in CA in the summer!
Casual chic!!
This reminds I need a new white button up!

Who are you inspired by this week?


  1. I love Kim! I think fame got to her head a *little* bit, but she seems like such a sweetheart and has great taste in clothes!


  2. She definitely has fab style and great shoes!!


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