Two: Made in the Shade

There are three things that I have NO problem splurging on: Handbags, Shoes and Sunglasses. I am a total accessory whore! I cannot get enough.

It has been almost a year since I have fallen in love with some shades! Last January I bought the Prada 'Butterfly" sunglass and I have been wearing them all year. Check out my personal blog and you will see dozons of pictures of me wearing them. I LOVE big frames (or my BUG glasses as my family and BF like to call them). I have an oval face so I am fortunate that most shapes look good. I was cruising the Nordstrom website and fell hard for these Chloe frames. I have not seen them in the stores and might use some of my Christmas gift cards and Nordy notes to purchase.

What do you think of them???

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