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Hi! Hey! Hello!

It has been so long, my friends! Life has been busy, busy, busy! Busy in a GREAT way, no complaints! While I have been radio silent on the blog, I plan to change that, I have still been super active on Instagram (@FashionistaMMC). I Hope that you follow me over there to see what I have been up to. I am kind of having a huge love affair with Insta because it is quick and easy. I love the little snippets and people are so creative with their picture taking. If you have been following along you will know that I have still been working out a ton, I attended a music festival, spent time with my family, had a birthday and most recently officiated my first wedding! On top of that I have been working on three major projects that help me pay the bills. All fun and creative! I have been so blessed lately. Or always! Haha.

At the beginning of the year I talked about how I really wanted to start decorating my house and making it my home. It is an expensive project that I know is going to take time to do. The first room I am focusing on is my office. Now that I work from home my bed, I thought it would be more productive to set up a space where I can spread out my work, create inspiration boards and use that space creatively. Now that my work is picking up the need for this space is a must. So I have been seeking out pieces and details that are well made, stylish and at a great price. My sister actually suggested that I look beyond the "usual" places and check out some stores that are focused on children, like Land of Nod. Then coincidentally the company I work for let me know that they are opening a store at South Coast Plaza (15 miles from where I live) and invited me to the opening party on May 30. The store's Grand Opening is on May 31 and they will be doing giveaways ALL day. I am letting you know so that you don't miss out! If you don't live in the OC then you definitely need to hop on their website and check out what you can buy that will work in your home.

I went online to see what I could buy for my office. I headed straight to the shelving and decor section because I know that I need and want decor for my very plain walls! I was so excited to find the Straight and Narrow Book Ledge because I have been dying to have them after seeing so many ideas on Pinterest. Then I saw that they had the Straight and Narrow Cork Rail that matches up to the shelving units perfectly. I LOVE that idea especially since I am consistently tearing pics out of magazines and it is a place I can pin my random notes and ideas. The best part about these items is that they are not super expensive AND the are incredibly well made. They will allow me to be creative and switch up my design style, since that happens when I get bored. 

While I focused on smaller pieces they have SO MUCH to offer like furniture, bedding and storage; especially if you have kids. I wanted to make you aware of Land of Nod because it was genuinely a place I NEVER would have thought of. I am thankful my sister shared that info with me! I will definitely be picking up the above items at the party and will show you all my office as it comes together!

Thank you so much for sticking with me as I come back from my unannounced and not planned break! I have some really fun posts planned in the next couple weeks. 

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Land of Nod, but all my opinions are my own. #PMedia #NODinCA   http://cmp.ly/3/8vNxcO

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