Coffee Date/Hang Out Sesh

Happy, Happy, Happy Friday!

It has been a helluva week. I feel like I am on a never ending roller coaster ride, and I am ready to get off now. This should make for a very interesting post. I kind of have diarrhea of the mouth when I am feeling like this. 

If we were having coffee and hanging out today, this is what I'd share:

- Job Hunting is a B-I-T-C-H. Yup I said it. I swear I thought it would be easier. I have been proven wrong. I have applied and I wait. Apply and wait. It is making me crazy, I tell you!

- I got my hair done and I am headed to a wedding tonight. I am excited to wear my new dress and rock a fun new hairstyle (inspired by Reese and Emma) . I also LOVE celebrating love. I am so happy for my friends and am honored to be celebrating them!

- When it comes to matters of the heart, I know nothing. I don't know what I am doing. Love is hard. I am afraid I lost a good one this week. Praying I didn't but I just don't know.

- I have cried more times this week than I have in the last three months. I hate it. Blah!

- I got invited to attend Lucky FABB which I am super excited about. I am *trying* to find a way to pay for my ticket so I can go! UGH! It would be such an incredible time. Is anyone going???

- I am running a 5K a week from Saturday. At Angels Stadium. I am so excited to be running another race. Plus we get to go to the game that night. BASEBALL is back. Woohoo! I heart baseball season. A lot!

- I would tell you that I didn't get to work out once this week due to a big fat bruise on my inner thigh from riding the bull at the Bachelorette party last weekend. It is HUGE, gnarly looking, black and purple and hurts to touch. My legs touch. So even walking is painful. Which means that running and cardio has been pretty much impossible. It sucks because the ONE week I REALLY needed working out as an outlet, I didn't have it. Probably why this week has been extra hard to deal with. I am craving it!

- Music is getting me through the ups and down. I have been getting in my car to drive and blow off steam and my radio level is at 50+. So loud and I don't have a system in my car. I just have a deep need to feel the music at the core of my soul. Literally. I love feeling my body shake from the vibrations.

- I would tell you that I am OBSESSED with THESE heels, that I am dying to buy these in camo and I really, really, really have to have these pants in my closet in the blue color (worn with a loose tank, wedges and straw fedora. Summer Style!). What are you currently coveting??

So tell me what is going on with you! Share something funny or light hearted if you can. Or commiserate with me and share what has been troubling you! Nothing is off limits. Good or Bad we just need to keep it real!

Thanks for reading about my awful week! 
It can only get better! I really believe that!

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear that you've been having a rough week!! Hopefully things will only be getting better. I definitely think getting your hair done is a great pick me up :) sending love & positive thoughts your way! Xo

  2. Sending you love friend. We need to have real coffee soon ;).

  3. If we were having coffee i would probably cry & tell you i had to cancel LuckyFABB and how much i hate money, credit cards, debt, and paying for things & how I would give you my job in a hearbeat. Then I would say I need to get the eff out of here and go work out all my stress!

  4. Right there with you in terms of knowing nothing when it comes to matters of the heart. Just have to believe that when it's the right one, everything will fall into place just the way its meant to!
    Have fun at the wedding!!!
    Hope things are looking brighter and happier next week.

  5. well I am a new follower, and while I am not happy you are in the midst of emotional madness, i must same i am along side you with the job hunt, broke worries, and trying to a midst all of this I am trying to sum the energy to finish a graduate thesis... it may seem like alot right now, but we will pull ourselves up by bootstraps and be ok.

  6. oh man, that's a tough week! glad it's over and hope this upcoming week is ridiculously fabulous to make up for it!


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