What I Wore: Hippy Cowgirl

I have very few reasons to actually get dressed up these days. Working from home and working out daily means that I am in my work out apparel most of the day. When I do get dressed for errands I am still reaching for my go to's... A plaid top, skinnies and booties. Super easy and always looks good, in my opinion. 

I love that this wrap plaid top is a little different from my traditional button ups. I bought it for a Country Concert last Summer. It is on the shorter side so I have to be very aware of my midriff showing while wearing it. Haha. That is a no no in my book. I love the way that my cognac fringe booties look with the tonal blue ensemble. Dirty hair means that I had to rock the side braid. Which helped show off my earrings that go with everything (I own them in 7 colors. Easy Breezy piece).

Hippy Cowgirl

What I Wore:

Top: Lamb and Flag, old (this top is EXTREMELY similar)
Sunnies: Dita, older (Similar style from the brand)

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