5 Things I Cannot Live With Out {right now}

I think it is bizarre how some weeks I have so much to blog/write about and others I am scratching my head trying to pull something together. This week was not even that busy. My mind is on other things and a certain someone.

I have been reading some blogs and have noticed a lot of 5 Random Things, 5 Favorite Things and other variations. I have done a couple posts about random facts about me in the past so I am putting a little twist on this post and jumping on the bandwagon.

Without further adieu...
The things I cannot live without {right now}

MY iPhone
My phone is always on me. It connects me to my loved ones. Facetime with my Nephew and Niece, Skype, Voxer, Texts and Instagram. I cannot get enough.

These Heels
I have worn them with everything from dresses to a sweatshirt. 
I am wearing them today. 

My Planner

{Ordered 2013. SO Excited}
The only way I can keep track of two jobs, my work outs, dates, parties and plans. I love the organization and how stylish it is.

Working Out
While I still don't LOVE working out, it continues to change me physically and mentally. Yoga is doing WONDERS. 

Taylor Swift's RED Album

She gets it. I feel like this whole album explains how I have felt through the whole process of dating again. The excitement, let downs, the first dates, finding love again. All of it. This album has been on repeat. All day. Every day.
I get how she falls fast and loves hard. I am the same way.
I even mention it in my about me and in the random things pic at the top of this post. 

That's all.
For this post at least. I kind of like these kind of posts.
You get a glimpse of "me".

I hope you all have a FABULOUS weekend!
I know I am planning on it ;)

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  1. i just can't get on board w this taylor swift album. the songs i've heard i don't care for. am i missing something?


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