What I Wore: Slumming It

The Monday's after a Holiday weekend are always the hardest! I am on weekend getaway delirium and wishing that I wasn't back to reality! I hope that you all had nice, happy and FUN Holiday.

Most Monday's this is what I look like. Slumming it! I am almost always dressed down and as casual as I can be! I want to be comfy and pretend that I am not starting a new week. Even though I am dressed down I think that the pieces I chose to wear give the outfit a little more oomph than the basic tee and jeans.This Henley is so incredibly soft that I bought it in olive green as well. I love that the buttons are mother of pearl which classes the tee up a bit. ;) Pairing it with my very distressed jeans makes the look a little edgier and hopefully more fun. I love wearing brown and navy so my moccasins were the right choice for comfort and style. My hair was disgusting but I am forcing myself to only was every 4-5 days so I threw on my trusty ol' Yankees cap to complete the look (which I got so much crap for wearing by the guys at work). I added rose gold hoops, a rose gold MK watch and rose gold ring to add some simple pieces but still be accessorized (you cannot see them in these pics). 

What do you think? Too basic to blog about or do you like seeing me in real, every day clothes? I am really trying to have a balance of dressier/trendy/date looks and those easy to wear, basic every day looks on the blog. But I want to keep you all interested, so let me know your thoughts!

Slumming It

What I Wore:

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