What I Want Wednesday: Stylish Pajamas

I wear the UGLIEST things to bed in the winter time. I am talking men's XXL sweats with the waist rolled three times and wife beaters and/or something long sleeved (think ratty sweatshirt or a flannel). I want to be warm, cozy and comfy. I refuse to wear socks to bed, even when I do they are somehow off when I wake up in the morning anyways. I just don't care to look cute. This drives my mother BONKERS. She harps on the ugliness of my PJ choices, has bought me a couple cute sets and always feels bad for my boyfriends. Lol. We have a week long trip to Lake Tahoe planned for Christmas so I know I have to step up my game to be around my family and our guests!

As I was looking for the cutest sets to share with you I was SHOCKED at how many I wanted! I may be conformed! I hope you love all of these as much as I do! PLUS, pajamas are the perfect gift for Christmas! I can look cute and you have some great gift options! It is a win win for all of us. ;)

Stylish Pajamas

1. DKNY 'Patterned Knit': We all need a little leopard in our lives! This is the perfect PJ set with a little bit of sass. It is a knit and not flannel so I am assuming it is extra comfy.

2. Xhilaration 'Polka Dot Flannel Set': I must confess that I already purchased this set. It is too cute and I am having a slight love affair with Polka Dots. I love the clean and crisp feel of the black, gold and white. Plus for $25 it is a bargain!

3. PJ Salvage 'Brushed Thermal Sleep Shirt': I LOVE the print and color way of this sleep shirt (it comes in 7 other prints/colors as well). It is flirty and feminine but will still keep you warm!

4. Gap 'Striped Waffle Romper': I am a fan of the romper and think that this is a cute piece for someone who doesn't like to wear pants to bed. I love the stripes and the buttons. It is just really fun.  

5. Gap 'Soft and Cozy PJ Set': I know that I love wearing cotton tops with my flannel bottoms. A full flannel PJ set can feel stiffer and be very warm. I think that this is a great option to wear to bed.

6. Kensie 'Quite the Character' thermal pj's: Can we all say DARLING! I am dying over the Jade green, the banding and small pocket are fantastic touches and thermals are lightweight but still keep you warm. This set also comes in like 6 other colors and prints. Adorable!

7. Xhilaration 'Dream Sleeptee' and Socks: This set is probably best for warmer places during the winter do to the thin tee shirt material. It is a girl version of Tom Cruise's look in Cocktail. I also like the mixing of stripes and polka dots. This is also a set that will not break the bank!

8. In Bloom by Jonquil 'Unwrap Me': I cannot post looks without popping in something sexier (and kind of cheeky!). I have an older print of this set and I LOVE it. It shows off your curves, showcases your arse and is sexy without showing too much! This is a gift for you AND your man. ;)


  1. these are so cute! I kind of want them all!
    I have a semi-cute pj game during the warmer months but all bets are off come winter.
    I definitely need to snag some cuter more presentable gear for this time of year. Perhaps I might feel better about laying around in my pj's if they are leopard!

  2. These are so perfect! Much better than my bf's oversized sweats and a ratty tshirt! I need to add a couple of these to my Christmas wish list :)
    Smart n Snazzy

  3. love the polka dot and leopard
    Xo Megan, www.TfDiaries.com

  4. i love cute pjs! can never get enough of them


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