On the road again...

Happy Friday and Happy Happy Weekend!!!

I am sitting on my bed writing this at 2am. I JUST finished packing and this week has been a whirlwind. I chose life, work and working out over blogging this week. I feel like I have complained enough about how busy I am and decided to just shut up and live. :) I am happy to say that this is my last weekend away for a couple weeks. I need some down time. So a HUGE Thank You to all of you who keep reading and commenting. I know I have been awful at returning the love. Hopefully I can spend some time in the blogging world next week.

I am off to camp at the beach in Morro Bay. We have a mini family reunion planned so I am excited to spend time with all of them. AND my sis should be having her baby VERY soon! I am so excited I cannot stand it!

 This little man is as excited as we are for his baby sister to arrive!
I was cracking up at my text convo with my mom! Emoticons just say it all!

My sis and I decided that it is good she is having a girl because now my nephew will always win the "Cutest Boy" award!! She eliminated the competition. Haha. Loving his faces!!

I have been OBSESSED with watching the Olympics. I am SO proud of our athletes, I get goosebumps watching them compete and I am so HAPPY to be an American! I cleared out my DVR so I could make sure that I recorded the rest of the swimming events along with the Gymnastics. So I leave you with this eye candy! I snapped a pic of Alyson's post to send to my friends to get them through the day! LOL.

Have an Incredible Weekend!

I am hoping to be back to regular posting on Tuesday. I have a Fashionista Fitness post with a work out top review and a Flirty Thirty post planned! Get excited!! 


  1. Hope your weekend trip was amazing! Camping on the beach sounds so fun and something I've always wanted to do. Can't wait to see some pics!

  2. beach camping will be so fun!! i've watched almost all the olympics and somehow missed phelps last race! i couldn't believe it! i'll have to youtube it

  3. Oh sorry, I owe you something random -

    i want your shoes.

    that was not well thought out - but i'll have better ones next time ;)


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