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I browse the Internet frequently. When you are on the computer as much as I am it is hard not to fall in love with something new every day. I have started pinning my favorite things so that I can either save up to buy the piece or look back at it in a couple of weeks and decide if I still love it. Here are the items that I am currently lusting after...

 One - Two - Three - Four - Five - Six - Seven - Eight 

This is what I have determined from my current list:

1. I am still OBSESSED with aztec/southwestern/ikat prints. Whether it be in a sweater, bahing suit, necklace or shoe, I want it all! I love that each piece is a statement in itself.

2. Stand Out Pieces: I love having ONE piece that pulls the entire look together. I think all three blazers do that AND they all have a different cut. I love that I can dress with a slight edge with the snake print, or All American/Nautical with the striped blazer or Feminine in the pastel, coral blazer. Let's talk about the Peplum Tee... I love the twist on a basic and could see myself wearing it with everything. It is simple yet different. Great piece!

3. My love for Accessories will NEVER D-I-E!! The other day I was called a 'Sunglasses Slut' by my male coworker. And he couldn't be more right! I am always trying to find a new pair. I love the sides on this House of Harlow  pair. We all love a good arm party and adding a Bow Bangle would be a fun and feminine touch. That chain ring is amazing...tough and pretty. 


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    1. They are all right up your alley! Such great and different blazers.

  2. LOVE the bow bangles from Kate Spade. You can never have too many accessories!

    1. I haven't seen them in real life BUT I have to go soon! They are so cute and could be worn daily! And NO you can NEVER have too many accessories!

  3. I'm still way into the aztecy look too! So I'll probably be rocking that trend long after many have said it's over, haha. I love the necklace especially. And the number 12 ring is amazing!

    1. Me too! We can rock it together. Haha. The necklace is SUCH a good price. I am so tempted!

  4. Such great picks! I am in love with the peach blazer and those sunglasses are a definite must!


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