What I Wore: Casual Cool

I do not know what it is about this outfit that just feels like me.
If I had a personal style "uniform" it would include these pieces (with shorts for the summer time). This look screams California Casual to me. Plus I just felt really good, comfortable and even sexy in it. 

I have to proclaim my love for all things Nicole Richie. I love her attitude, her style and her clothing and accessory lines. The jacket that I am wearing is Winter Kate. It is 100% silk as is most of the Winter Kate line. Something about silk is just sexy. I have had this piece in my closet for over a year. It didn't fit me the way I had hoped when I bought it but I held onto it. I think that this piece IS the outfit. Pairing it with a slouchy white tee and my favorite cropped jeans just made the look me. I wear heels A LOT! I have started to incorporate some flats into my wardrobe but heels have my heart. I will choose heels over flats unless it isn't practical. This Shoemint pair is perfect. The neutral color, scalloping and thick heel is chic, trend right and comfortable enough to wear all day. They only thing lacking in my look is accessories. I ran out the door without a ton of jewelry on (not like me). So in the future I have to not run late ;) I do have on my FAVORITE sunnies. The are over sized cat eyes and definitely make a statement. I get that they are not for everyone. They happen to be House of Harlow 1960 which is part of Nicole's accessory line. So now you see why I love me some Nicole Richie!

What do you think of this look?

Casual Cool

What I Wore:

Jacket: Winter Kate 'Opy' (This is the most similar if you like the jacket. Mine is old) 

This look is actually VERY similar to THIS LOOK

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  1. I love that you wear heals all the time! Being 6 feet tall and having two active boys, it is kinda hard for me to wear them all the time, but I swear if I was shorter, I would wear them everyday!

  2. I LOVE the look! And it looks Awesome on you.

  3. You look and your shoes are CUTE! :) Love it!!

  4. Love this look! Definitely California Casual and so cute on you. Love the cropped jeans and those shoes are a great nude color.

  5. oh really cute, that is amazing. I personally don't like Nicole only because of the simple life and since then, I never think about her, haha. I'm sure she's fine now but she was so arrogant, snobby and dumb on that show that I was annoyed... but I understand she's totally different now.

    Love your outfit and shoemint is doing you right!

  6. You look AMAZING!!!! I m obsessed with your jacket and (of course) your ring. Hottie!!

  7. Love that jacket!! You are looking absolutely AMAZING! Your hard work is definitely paying off.


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