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If you are a new reader, I decided to write a monthly post about my fitness goals, trials and triumphs with some cute clothes thrown in every now and then. You can read my other Fashionista Fitness Posts here. I am really excited to share my journey with you all.

Last month flew by. Too Fast for my comfort.
I just began Week 16 of my 5x a week work outs. I have exactly FOUR weeks (as of yesterday) to my 30th Birthday. I am not ready, I still don't feel prepared and I am kind of scared. I decided to LIVE IT UP this last month in my twenties and while I have some fun things planned, the events are going to make it challenging to stay on the straight and narrow. I have some plans to try to counteract the damage that could potentially happen.

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I struggled quite a bit last month. Mentally more than physically. I hit a couple of slumps where I was going through the motions but not quite feeling it. I cannot quite put my finger on WHY I felt a lack of discipline but every day I woke up FIGHTING just to go work out. Food is a whole other story. I continue to be on a stricter diet. But I will be the first to admit I could be doing better. I have a hard time wrapping my head around the importance of food. I completely understand that weight loss is 70% eating right, and working out is 30%. I HAVE to pull my diet together. And quick!

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On a positive note I am actually running. Running for ten minutes at a time. Straight, solid running. This only happened in the last week and I am SO PROUD of myself. I think that I can actually do a 5K Mud Run. That is something on my bucket list. I have really been amping up my cardio and focusing my individual work outs on my core. I make it a part of every work out to really stretch my muscles and that has helped with my shin splints and overall body aches. I am going to be trying some different work outs the next few weeks to continue to be challenged and to keep my routine interesting. I will be doing pilates/yoga and an entire work out on giant trampolines. Sounds fun to me!

I have only been on a scale once in the last two weeks and that was with Jonathan. I actually didn't look at the number because I was getting to stressed with meeting the number and not looking at the big picture of what I have accomplished. If I can guess I believe I am at about a 20 pound weight loss. I continue to see small changes here and there but don't feel like the weight loss looks dramatic. I think I have a long way to go before people are dropping their jaws :)

GOALS for April:
- Put my entire focus on my food discipline. Get the diet right!
- Run for fifteen minutes straight (this was a goal in February that was quite ambitious. I think I can do it in the next four weeks)
- Stop being so damn hard on myself! 
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I will leave you with a funny story that got me motivated to work hard.
Last night I ran into an ex fling (from when I was 20) at the gym. I have not seen this guy since 2003. It has been almost ten years since we were a thing. He is a very good looking guy. Dark hair, crystal blue eyes, 6'3" and a great body. I thought he was such a catch! Well my friends...he is hotter and his body is even better now. I had on zero make up, adult acne in plain sight and my hair piled on top of my head. Not exactly the look you would want when running into an ex. We chatted and I headed to the treadmill. I ran faster and longer than I ever have. Having him in plain sight and catching his eyes periodically was enough to keep me moving. I had to show him how hard I work out! Haha. I have no clue if I will run into him again but I will definitely keep that in the back of my head!

How are your fitness aspirations going? Are you meeting your goals?
I love hearing your stories and successes! Please share. 


  1. proud of you girl!!! and i didnt realize you were almost 30! me too :) well i have a little time, but i turn 29 in july :)

    my fitness goals suck. i need inspiration. as if fitting into my clothes isn't enough.

  2. You absolutely should not be so hard on yourself! You are more motivated than anyone I know and I am so proud of you for working so hard for so many weeks for what you want. And it is okay to have little moments (or weeks) of being less motivated. It's life but you still kept doing it (even when you didn't want to) and that says a lot. Keep up all the hard work, you are doing amazing!

  3. You definitely shouldn't be as hard on yourself. I am seeing the results even if you aren't. You are looking great girl and you will reach that goal I can feel lit.

    My goals since my New Year's Resolutions have changed. I am trying to stay eating healthy (so far so good) and I have really upped my walking. I do my first 5K on Saturday (just walking) and I am setting a goal of doing a half marathon in November. We will see how it goes!

  4. yay! good for you sister! i HATE running. hate it. but i'm trying to start working out, i've been doing a jillian michael's workout video, but i need to do more if i want to lose it.


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