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I have to preface that this may come off kind of cocky/conceited. While that is not EVER my intention I understand that people read things without hearing tone and inflection. They also read things they way the want to understand/believe it.

With that said...I have spent the last nine years of my life working in the Fashion Industry after receiving my BA in Fashion merchandising/business. I held many different positions and all of them taught me something incredibly valuable. While I would never call myself an expert I feel that I have the experience and education to really be able to share and help others define themselves through their style. I continue to immerse myself in Fashion, trends and memorize key pieces. As I blog and continue to hone my personal style I become more and more particular. Shopping really is an art. While that may sound silly I have found that there are many layers that go into a shopping experience. Many people LOATHE shopping (that may seem crazy to us Fashionista's) and shy away from it. Besides being mentally prepared (that is a whole blog series...OOOOoooo an idea ;)) you have to dress the part for a successful trip. When I say dress the part I am not suggesting you have to LOOK a certain way, I know many people think that and feel judged. I think you should wear particular pieces and proper undergarments to feel comfortable in the dressing room, under the fluorescent lights and in front of the mirrors. 

I mentioned that I had a shopping trip with fellow blogger, Kristen, and I wanted to make sure that I was dressed comfortably for our shopping experience. Today's outfit is an example of MY "perfect" shopping outfit. I tend to favor a button up top because they are easy to take off (mine has snap buttons) and put on. It is also a piece that I wear with pants, skirts and shorts so I can get an idea of outfits that I already have or can create. I think wearing a camisole underneath is always a good idea. Every person should wear bottoms that they wear the most frequently. It can be slacks, jeans, a skirt or leggings. I chose jeans because I wear them 80% of the time. I also leaned towards a trend color to continue to challenge myself to branch out and try on different colors/patterns/combinations. Slip on shoes like flats or sandals are the best choice when shopping. No muss, no fuss. While I am a total heels girl I wear flats for long, marathon shopping trips. I will wear heels when shopping for certain pieces; for me that would be dresses, skirts and pants/slacks. I know my body and what lengths look best on my body type. It has taken a lot of trial and error to figure out what looks best. I also know that heels make me look better in a lot of clothing choices I make. I always wear my best bra and underwear. Having proper undergarments can make or break an outfit. These tips have helped me have positive and successful shopping experiences. I hope they help you!


What I Wore:

Shoes: Steven by Steve Madden (Similar in leopard)(exact in Dalmatian)(exact with studs)
Rings: Kendra Scott 'Rana' (ON SALE!!) and 'Shelby' (similar, I have this color aslo) both in Black Onyx


  1. These are great tips! I always wear flats when shopping because I know that I will be most comfortable. I also try to wear nude undergarments so they don't show through on lighter items. Love this look especially those shoes!

  2. Nice outfit!


  3. professional advice! i love it. you definitely sound like you have retained a lot from your career- thank you for the advice. I think about shoes usually (slipping on and off) but I don't think about the other things as much. A snap-button shirt is a grand idea!

    You look adorable as well, which is the cherry on top!

  4. You don't sound conceited at all! These are very good, important tips that can really change they way an item of clothing looks on you. My sister and I always joke that it's bad too wear white jeans or shirts because everything looks good with white and then we want to buy more!

    Love this look on you! Perfect for running around all day because you are comfortable, but you still look cute!

  5. You look great and I am dying for your sunnies - they're at the top of my birthday list!!

  6. Love this outfit... your leopard print shoes are awesome!


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