Men's Style

I just love men, don't you?

Seeing a well dressed man is rare but when I do I pretty much drool.
I saw 'The Vow' over the weekend and Channing Tatum wears sweaters through the whole movie. After seeing how he dressed I vowed to only buy sweaters for the next guy I date. Holy Hotness.

Since I am OBSESSED with Pinterest (do I keep mentioning that? Sorry! oops.) I have a board dedicated to Men's Style. I wanted to share a few favorite looks with you all.

What is your favorite looks on {your} man?
Do you have any style deal breakers when it comes to your guy or men you date?

Channing Tatum
I love the Henley Tee and blazer. a great way to be casual yet make a statement. Also, the second pic is only one example of an awesome sweater look. :)

 {images via justjared.com}

 Kellen Lutz
I love how he "accessorized" and dressed up a pair of good fitting jeans.
 {image via justjared.com}

Ryan Reynolds
I LOVE his suit style. The vest and tailored coat makes my heart pitter patter.

 {image via justjared.com}

Ryan Gosling
No one does cool and casual like Ryan. I think the main reason why I love him so much is that his style is unbelievable. He looks good in anything whether it be a simple white tee and boots or rocking a leather jacket or an impeccably tailored suit. 

 {image via justjared.com}

Zac Efron
Zac is a newer crush for me. He all of sudden got SO SO SO H-O-T!!!
I love a good flannel and beanie, and I love his Chambray button up and colored denim. He is totally stylish! 
 {images via justjared.com and peoplestylewatch.com}

Hope you enjoyed the eye candy! ;)
AND that you have a stronger appreciation for Men's Fashion.
Which look is your fav??


  1. Helloooooo nurse! I may or may not login to Pinterest to see what current eye candy you've been pinning. Lol.

    Oh the Ryans. I love them both. And yeah, Zac makes me a little uncomfortable because well. I'm 30.

  2. totally agree!! these guys always looking smoking hot

  3. R.R. for sure! But u captured MY FAV! Z. E! Holy moly!


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