What I Wore: Shades of Gray

Yesterday was Gorgeous.
I was lucky that I had a couple of meetings in the beach town where I went to college. I took a walk down memory lane as I walked around campus. It was still perfectly manicured and it smelled the same (that may sound weird but there is a specific plant/tree that permeates the campus in a good way). It is fun to see all of the kids walking to class, what they wear and how they conduct themselves. I also spent some time walking up and down the streets in the neighborhood that I lived in for 6 years. I knew I missed the quaint little area but I didn't realize how MUCH I missed it. I also went and sat at "my beach" and just stared at the water. It was as calming as ever! I call it "my" beach because for years it was the only place that I could go and completely relax. I would go and lay out, read and listen to music on my days off. Nothing makes me happier. It is funny because you never truly realize how much you give up when making life decisions until you don't have it anymore! That is my deep thought of the day ;)

 A view from laying out at "My Beach"

Since I started the day with meetings I wore a slightly business casual look. I sassed it up with my snake print jeggings that I got for Christmas. I love blazers but never feel like they look good on me, even though I still wear them. Haha. I think I just have not found one that hits me in the right places at my chest and waist. This one is made of sweatshirt material and is pretty comfy. I added a drapey tank and simple black stilettos to complete the look. My only complaint (why I have to complain on the blog is beyond me :/) was that it was almost 80 degrees and it was too hot to be wearing so many clothes. Haha. Summer in January is pretty awesome.

Shades of Gray

What a difference posing makes...Baggy things don't always help you look slimmer. Learn from me! I have to get more comfortable wearing more form fitting things as I lose weight. I never realized how much I hid behind baggy clothes!

 I was given GREAT feedback from Miss Alyson that it is often hard to see my face and details of my outfits in my pics and that it was more obvious after posting my Photo Shoot pics. Half the time (ok may 3/4) I am NOT wearing make up and I don't want to scare you all. BUT I do need to work on my photography, better picture taking and showing you the details. I appreciate hearing what I could be doing better. Thanks Alyson!

What I Wore:

Blazer: F21 Heritage (old)
Tank: Mossimo 'Drapey' tank (from last Summer)
Jeggings: Gap
Shoes: Steve Madden 'Caryssa' (Similar)
Necklace: Kendra Scott 'Ziggy'


  1. oh this outfit looks SO great on you, very, very slimming. Definitely Stacey and Clinton approved!!!

    And 80 degrees, what!

  2. I love it! I'm so far away from where I grew up that I can't even just 'visit'. It was a small town, but it's funny how you miss the little things like the restaurants you ate at and the places you hung out. I hadn't been back to the house we grew up in for years and when I finally had a chance to go back, it seemed so much smaller than I remembered. The street I used to walk on to get to school wasn't as long as it used to be either. So funny. :) It's fun taking a stroll through memory lane.

  3. I love this outfit and these jeans. So cute! I really miss my beach in Newps. The ocean is the place that never fails to relax me and brings me a lot of perspective.

  4. I love these jeggings! They are so fun and the this look makes you look so skinny!! You are looking great lady. Love it!

  5. love grey! the shades are fab together. follow each other?



  6. love the jeans! suupppppper cute.

    you're looking very skinny minnie too btw

  7. The pattern on this jeggings is sooo fun! Perfect outfit for running around. You are looking great lady!!!


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