What I Wore: Plai-ether!

I know, I know.
More plaid! 
I am beginning to think that I should be living in Seattle circa 1992.
You may not know that I am OBSESSED with the movie 'Country Strong'. I watch it at least five times a week, and that is NO exaggeration. Eeek! There is a scene were Gwyneth Paltrow is meeting a "make a Wish" kid and she is wearing a plaid top with leather leggings and boots. I LOVED that look and knew that I wanted to wear something similar. I then remembered that I Pinned THIS OUTFIT and that I could emulate it very closely. I do think that the original is a little better than mine :/

Every piece in this outfit, with the exception of the Scarf, is old!
The plaid tunic has been modified a couple of times in the 3 years I have owned it. It had ties, it's been sewn differently and I am shocked I still have it. I have only worn these leggings once because they do not fit well at all! They roll down and drive me bonkers! I was hoping they would fit a little better since I have lost some weight but no luck! I am glad I tried the look but I probably won't wear it again.


What I Wore:

Plaid Tunic: Target (OLD!)
T-shirt: Hanes
Leggings: H&M
Shoes: Steve Madden 'Wiicked'
Scarf: Urban Outfitters
Belt: H&M
Glasses: Oliver Peoples 


  1. Girl, you are all about the plaid! I like this look, but I think it's better without the scarf. I have a pair of leather-like legging and my do the exact same thing! I guess it's just the type of material? Loving you with the bun & glasses, too, so cute!

  2. I think it is a fun look! It is such a pain when leggings don't stay in place. I have a pair that does that and I hate it.

  3. Hello:) This is so cute. I am liking plaids a lot at the moment, especially brightly colored plaids.

    The Fashionable ESQ


  4. seriously, you again killed it...are you my new icon?

  5. we're so friends! i know exactly what scene you're talking about and always love that outfit every time i watch the movie. i also pinned that outfit, but when i went to wear my leather leggings (pleggins i like to call them) they didn't fit any more and i had some weirdo run in them. need to get a new pair asap, but couldn't find one this season!!

    love it! you look great

  6. OH SHUT UP, this is the cutest look in the entire world!!

  7. Love!! And your ballerina bun is perfect! Nice job!


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