Tuesday Travel Style {44}

In continuation of my Southwestern love...
I saw this pic of Khloe and knew it was perfect for Tuesday Travel Style!
I love EVERYTHING about this look.

 {image via starstyleinc.com}

From the Pony Tail to the Boots I think her look is perfection. YES the boots may be a tad bit difficult while going through Security but they are WEDGES which make it WAY easier to run through airports when needed. Leggings are the best bottoms to wear on a plane. They move with you. This Whitney Eve sweater is long and loose. It can double as a blanket when you need to cover up and get away from the chilly, recessed air. I have to talk about the pony tail. It is high enough that it won't get in the way when resting your head against the seat. Plus it looks FAB. I wish I had thick enough hair to have my pony's look like hers. She is carrying a bag large enough to carry the essentials.

Khloe is wearing the perfect outfit and is quite the Travelista.


  1. totally agree- this is perfect! my hair would never look so cute up like that.

  2. Totally agree this is a perfect travel look and I am obsessed with that cobalt bag!!

  3. Agreed! Love the bag color - makes an otherwise neutral outfit fun and exciting. Plus the boots probably aren't bad at security. Especially if they are pull on.


  4. i always wear boots on a plane so i dont have to pack them (i am always scrapping for room in my luggage anyways). i think khloe's style is wonderful here and looks perfect for a long trip!

  5. Love that sweater! I don't wear boots on a plane because I hate dealing with them in security, but I do love this look.


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