Manicure Maniac: Sparkle Accent

Oh Monday, we meet again!
Even after a really relaxing weekend I am still not prepared for you. 

I spent the weekend in Palm Springs. It was CRAZY windy and we spent much of the weekend indoors, watching Lifetime movies. So cliche ;)
I am obsessed with Palm Springs and going out there is one of my favorite getaways. The place holds a lot of memories for me so I definitely battled with a Ghost of the (recent) Past. Taking on each day is the only way to move forward, some days being easier than others. 

I wanted to share with you my manicure from last week. If you follow me on Instagram this is old news, sorry friends! But I found a picture on Pinterest (shocking I know as my obsession continues to grow. I pin every night before bed and prolong my bedtime by hours. It is a true sickness!) and knew that I HAD to try it out for myself. 

This manicure was done by none other than the great Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere. This picture is from her Twitter account via Pinterest.

I already had a nude polish that I am obsessed with. It is 'Naked' by Deborah Lipmann. It is truly nude and not pinky which is what I love about it. I needed a pink glitter polish and did not want to spend a ton of money (I am getting cheap, I guess. Haha) and I happened to read this post by Katie and I headed straight to Target. I picked up Revlon 'Sparkling' for $3.99. SCORE! It was exactly what I was looking for. 

 I LOVED this manicure. It lasted for six days (mine usually last 4-5 days). It was natural with a slight pop. It was needed after 3 weeks of dark polish. 

Have you done anything fun to your nails lately?

Have a great week y'all!


  1. Ahh looks so pretty! I love it!

  2. Fun manicure! Glad you had a great weekend even if it was spent in doors.

  3. Sometimes the best weekends are those when you just do a whole lot of nothing! :) Love this mani too!

  4. i've never been to palm springs but I've always wanted to go. Sounds amazing and staying in and watching movies sounds fun, haha.

    The manicure looks great!

  5. LOVE the mani! i'm wearing a similar one just in grey with silver sparkles :)


    Fashion Fractions

  6. i love it! i've been on the glitter nail trend for-evah!


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