Tuesday Travel style {42}

Travel Style: Men's Edition

I think I am only one of millions of girls obsessed with Ryan Gosling.
He is pretty much perfect. He is everywhere and his star is the biggest and the brightest right now. Besides being incredibly good looking, a phenomenal actor and all around good guy he also has impeccable style.

He makes my heart palpitate.
{image via peoplestylewatch.com}

I think that the picture says it all.
WHAT guy that you know could pull off this look?
I don't think anyone I know. Mayyyyybbbbbeeee one guy. Maybe. 

All I can say is if a guy can dress like this (and pull it off)...I just may marry him. This outfit looks pretty easy for travel. Cotton Henley, slacks and slip on loafers. Wrinkle free, shoes that are easy to take off and put on and sunglasses. The look is effortless, cool and works.

What do you think of Mr. Gosling?
Are you obsessed with him as I am?


  1. Yeah, he pulls this look off flawlessly...I sat the next booth over from him once in a diner in Hollywood. He's as hot in person as he is on camera!


  2. he always look good, but i do agree that boy can definitely dress

  3. um..... yes PLEASE!! He looks great and so does his outfit!

  4. I love Ryan! He is every where, but I don't care. He is gorgeous and a good guy. Even his ex girlfriends have something good to say about him. His style is also amazing!

  5. mmmm...mmmm....YES PLEASE!!! He is delicious!!! :)


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