Fashionista Friday: Zoe Saldana

I have been style crushing on Zoe Saldana for awhile now. She is a starlet that flies under the radar. She rocks some amazing pieces and is simply gorgeous. I love that she takes risks, remember her ombre Givenchy dress at the Academy Awards that you either LOVED or LOATHED? I am a huge fan and always take notice when I seed a picture of her.

Truly deserving of the Fashionista Friday recognition.

(first 5 images via starstyleinc.com, last 2 images via justjared.com}
 This Lanvin dress is perfection. the color, the cut, the draping. To. Die. For.
 Rocking the jumpsuit in Olive. Looks amazing and comfy. My fav combo!
 You can NEVER go wrong with black, white and sequins, NEVER!
 I have been dying to use this pic for Tuesday Travel style. How chic is this outfit?
I love the sweater, skinnies and wedges. She mixed prints and accessorized to perfection.
My favorite outfit!
 She even wears what the masses wear! This dress has been HIGHLY editorialized and has been seen on every celeb. It is from Express. She wore it better than everyone too! The cognac belt and shoes make the outfit. I love that she wore big earrings and slicked back hair. That is my trick for not looking like a boy. hehe
 Neutral palette and an awesome scarf. I love the details of the skirt.
Truly obsessed with the metallic colors of the dress. I also really want that belt. 



  1. i agree, she is SOOOO pretty!! And rocks outfits- from trendy to classics. nice pick!

  2. Totally agree! She always rocks her look.

  3. So true, she's always gorgeous and doesn't she look the friendliest?! I think so!


  4. i think she is truly stunning and always looks perfect. kind of makes me sick really. LOL


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