What I Wore: Weekend Wear- Basic/Boho

Do you ever have those days that you don't want to get ready? At all?
I have those days more often than not. I loathe doing my hair. It takes too long. Blah!
I only wash my hair three times a week. Suave dry shampoo is my life saver. It works the best and smells amazing! Best 3 bucks I have spent. Buy it! Even though I don't want to get ready I still want to look cute. THAT is when I rely on accessories. I wanted to dress up my white Hanes V-neck tee. I threw on a head wrap (Megan twitpic-ed herself with a head wrap on Thursday and I had to copy her), a cool wrap bracelet, my OVER sized House of Harlow ring and some sandals. I was channeling Nicole Richie in a BIG way.

 {all images via google images: Nicole Richie head scarf}

It is no surprise to anyone that reads my blog regularly that I am inspired by her. I love how she looks effortlessly chic all of the time. She even looks amazing when she is going to and from the gym. She dresses up, dresses down, and is classically trendy, if that makes any sense! 

One thing that I noticed when getting dressed is that I always have to have some kind of "matchy matchy" thing on. For example...in this outfit, my bracelet is the same color as my shoes, the largest stone matches my nail polish and my Ring coincides with the belt buckle on my belt. YET, I mixed metals and wore snake print which don't really go at all! Go figure!


What I Wore:
Top: Hanes V neck (sold in a 3 pack at Target)
Shorts: Old Navy cut offs (made from 5 year old jeans)
Shoes: Kustom (bought in a random surf shop in Maui last year)
Head wrap: L. Erickson (from Nordy's a few years ago)
Belt: Michael Kors
Bracelet: Rachel Abrams (from Nordy's a few years ago)
Nail Polish: Essie. Fingers: Mint Candle Apple. Toes: Tart Deco


  1. Love it! You and Nicole can really pull off the head scarf look!

  2. love the look! i've tried doing the headband/bandanna thing and i feel so ame wearing it. i think i just have to get over it ad do it though.

  3. I have a scarf that would be perfect for this look! Totally inspired! xo


  4. Love it! All the accessories are so cute!


  5. you rock that scarf girl! for real reals! :) ive been making these knotted turban headbands that im about to do a few giveaways for and im utterly obsessed with them. like wearing them everyday lol:) and yeah, nicole richie is da bomb.com! :)

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