What I Wore: Layers

It is hard not to see all of the incredible Fall merchandise and not feel the tiniest twinge for cooler weather. When I say tiny...I mean it. I REALLY love Summer. It has been pretty tame this year and I cannot get over how beautiful it has been. Makes me so so so happy!

When I think of Fall the first thing that comes to mind is layers. Light coats, cute cardigans and busting out the boots. I don't know about you but there are some bloggers who are incredible at layering. You know who I am talking about... Blair, Taylor and Helena
Two of the three live in the San Francisco area which helps them with not sweating as much, it is a lot cooler in Nor Cal ;)
I look at their outfits and think three things:
1. How are they not sweating?
2. How do they still look so slender?
3. Why can I NOT pull these looks off?

I know I could attempt these outfits and probably pull them off if I truly tried. I just don't think that I have the body type to (that could change) and I am a sweater. So this is my attempt at layering in the Summer. Taking a drapey (reversible) vest and pairing it with a strapless romper. The perfect marriage of Summer and Winter!


What I Wore:
Romper: Target (2 years old)
Vest: Tarnish (from the Nordy's accessories department, last year)
Belt: No idea, no name. Bought 2 years ago because it was similar to Carrie's in the SATC movie. Haha.
Bracelet: Natasha
Sunnies: Gucci

It is Wednesday and I am linking up to The Pleated Poppy's,
What I Wore Wednesday and Beautiful Just the Way I Am.

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  1. LOVE the romper! I've become obsessed with finding a flattering one and I love how you accessorized it. Great outfit!

  2. I love the romper too! I've never even tried one on before. Way to come up with your own way to layer - looks great!

  3. very cute & sassy! I think this is my fav outfit that I've seen so far!

  4. Cute! Love the vest and I wouldn't have ever thought to layer it over a romper!

  5. Found via pleated poppy.. You look beautiful! I love how you layered it.. that romper is so cute :)

  6. what??? those shoes are amazing!!! you are too cute!!!


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