Fashionista Friday: Pregnancy Edition

I love when I am so inspired by particular outfits. I am even more excited when I wish I could wear an outfit even though I am not pregnant (someday!). These ladies look amazing 99% of the time whether they are pregnant or not. I hope you like these outfits as much as I do!

{all pics are from peoplestylewatch.com and gossipcenter.com}

 A simple sheath that shows off the legs? Yes, please! Ivanka was only about 5 months here but I LOVE how chic she looks!
 The color, the length, the details. I cannot get over how gorgeous she looks! I would wear this tomorrow!
 There is nothing like an all white gown to show how sexy you are.
 This tunic dress is so amazing. I think the pop of blue embroidery makes the whole look. Pairing the dress with nude pumps makes her legs look miles long!

 Who says you cannot frolic on the beach as a preggo?? These cover ups are perfection! I think both should be in every girl's closet!
 Selma looks so cute. I want that wrap! I love the black bow on a gray background. The beanie is the perfect accessory. This is my perfect winter, casual outfit!

What do you think of these Fashionista's? 


  1. How cute all of these mommy's! They look fabulous - definitely maternity style to covet (when the time comes, of course!)

    xx Marissa

  2. im not always a huge fan of kate hudson on the fashion scene, but man does she pull off the pregnancy look amazingly! i love the carefree look of it, but still shows some of her best features (i wish my unpregnant legs looked as good as her pregnant legs hahhah).

  3. Being that I am pregnant too I love this post! I am trying to stay cute through my pregnancy. I don't want to be frumpy!

  4. Love Love Love these! I especially have loved seeing all of Selma's outfits during her pregnancy.
    I would love sources to all these outfits as it is seriously hard to find cute/sexy outfits while being prego.


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