Everybody, Everywear: Yellow

Being a part of the blogging world is so exciting.
It is fun, rewarding and challenging. 
I love that I am challenged to be a better version of myself by expressing myself through what I wear.

I LOVE the idea behind Everybody, Everywear.
The best thing about blogging is seeing how people wear certain outfits, articles of clothing and even the same item. This month's challenge is to wear Yellow. That is it. No other rules or regulations. I am so excited to see what everyone will wear.

I chose a Collective Concepts blouse that I bought a little over a year ago. In fact, it was one of my first outfit posts! I have only worn this top a few times and always with jeans or jean cut offs. I have seen a lot of bloggers who layer and I wanted to try it. I get HOT in 2.5 seconds so I have been scared to try layering in the summer for the pure fact that I think I will melt! This top is sheer and light weight so pairing it with a maxi was my top choice. I chose navy since it is the perfect complementary color to yellow. I decided to tie up the bottom of the dress to help with the heat AND because I loved the draping detail. Plus it shows off the shoes.

I LOVE how the pics turned out. I was brave and took my pics in a more "public" area and I think the background was PERFECT for this challenge.
Mellow Yellow

 What I Wore:
Top: Collective Concepts (no longer available)
Dress: H&M racer back (available in their basics section)
Sunnies: Marc by Marc Jacobs 'Over sized Vintage frames'
Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelets: c/o Towne and Reese 
Ring: Marcia Moran 


  1. i love the layering of the yellow piece.

    now come to think of it, i brought NOTHING yellow with me over here...that kind of sucks! especially in a country where the sun doesn't shine :S

  2. um, this is awesome!!!! I love that the maxi skirt is tied too, you look adorable beyond belief. That top was made for you!

  3. I like the yellow with navy blue...who would have thought. The tops adds interest to the maxi, love it. Also, I love to see you having more fun with outfit pictures!

  4. Love the new background & what you wore! Those shoes are FABULOUS!

  5. Love those shoes and the way you tied your maxi skirt!

  6. I LOVE your outfit. Pairing it over the dress was a great idea! And hello, I need your shoes! I'm thinking about participating in an EBEW challenge too. Eeek

  7. I love yellow in the summer time. This blouse is so pretty!! I am inspired to go pull out my yellow blouse stat!


  8. omg i love how sassy u r in the last pics! hahahahaaa
    beautiful girl!

  9. I like the way you tied your skirt! Great idea. It's kind of scary to take pictures of yourself in public, isn't it? Great job!

  10. Your Summer layering is so perfect! This outfit has such a cool, laid back feel. And the details on the top are super. I want one in my wardrobe!


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