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I want to say HI and THANK you to all of the new followers. I have gotten about 15 followers in the last 2 weeks (which is my biggest jump) and I am so excited that you like what I wear and have to say ;)

I have been so overwhelmed lately on getting to read and comment on all of the blogs I like to follow. I know that interaction is huge in the blogging community and I want to give love to all of you!I am finding it hard to do so when many of you do not have a public profile, do not have your email linked to your profile or don't have a blog! I get that some people don't want all of that information out there, but it helps. I actually never realized that my profile wasn't available until some blogging friends told me, so I thought I would help you out!

If you use Blogger:
- Go to Dashboard
- Click EDIT PROFILE on the left, next to your pic (if you have one)
- Check the box that says "Share my Profile"
- Check the box that says "Show my email address"
- Add your Blog to Homepage URL
- Click "Save my Profile"
- Viola!!

I am doing my best to respond to you through emails, twitter or comments on YOUR blog! I hope this makes it a little bit easier! If you haven't heard from me it is because I cannot find your information!!

Happy Friday!!


  1. Oh yay congrats on your new followers! It's always so awesome to gain new readers and friends!!!


  2. Look at you!!! 77 followers, this is fantastic Mandy! I enjoy reading your comments, tweeting with you and you are on your way to growing "life in the fashion lane."

  3. Just stopping by to say hi! you can add one more follower to your list ;)

  4. make sure you corrected your "blogger signature" when commenting on others! love you sissy!! v cLove our chat the other night OH-HOW I NEEDED MANDY time!!!
    love ya Jess


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