What I Wore: Crisp, Clean, White

I went on a quick weekend getaway to Laughlin this past weekend. This was my outfit for the drive up there. I wanted to be comfy, yet chic for the four hour drive.

I have been obsessed with bright, white tops. Although they absolutely FRIGHTEN me because I am afraid they make me look 15 pounds heavier. I have bought three white tops in the past month and this is the first time I have been brave enough to wear one.

This outfit was inspired by this pic of Vanessa Hudgens from my Outfit Inspiration post.

{image via justjared.com}

I liked how the outfit turned out. I don't think it was the most slimming outfit I have ever worn but I felt comfortable and looked like I made the effort (when I really didn't).

Crisp, Clean, White

I must apologize for the awful background. For some reason the BF wouldn't stop on the drive in to Nevada. I mean I had 200 miles of rocks and desert to use for an awesome background and it didn't happen. BOO! I am in LOVE with the color of my toes against the coral of the shoes. It was such a pretty combination! Plus, you needed to see the detail in the shoes since they kind of blend into my legs in the pics.

What I Wore:
Top: Old Navy button up
Shorts: Old cut off's from a pair of Old Navy jeans from 2006
Shoes: Sam Edelman
Nail Polish: OPI 'Gar Gar Gargantuan' (I think it is from the Shrek Collection. I think.)


  1. The inspiration look is great, and your look is fantastic!! Love the sandals.

  2. Dude, you are crazy for thinking this outfit isn't flattering. You look drop dead gorgeous! And I'm obsessed with your shoes and must get a pair!

  3. Great look Mandy!! And those sandals are soooo killer!! You look fab!

  4. Love the look!!! You totally capture Vanessa Hudgen's look!!

    The sandals are ridiculously fabulous doll!!

    p.s. the Stylit is actually a calendar, has a section to write down outfit ideas, and inspiration notes as well. :) I got mine form Amazon.com.


  5. those shorts look great on you!


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