Tuesday Travel Style {25}

When I travel I want to be as comfortable as possible, but I do not like looking sloppy. I also make sure that I consider weather and temperature before I plan an outfit. Knowing that I tend to get a little chilly on longer flights I make sure to pack my travel bag with a light sweater and a pashmina or wrap to use on the plane. 

I chose to wear maxi dresses on my flights to and from Cabo.
Maxi dresses are the easiest, most comfy and somewhat lazy articles of clothing to wear, but when worn correctly they can make you look pulled together and chic.

Anne's outfit doesn't resemble the two beachy looking dresses that I wore but the volume really stood out.

I love how free she looks. I love the shoulder baring top paired with her maxi skirt. The layered pendants take the outfit from drab to fab.

I am a huge fan of the look, what do you think??


  1. i think she looks really sloppy, but overall, i like the comfort of the look! :-) great post girl!

  2. I actually don't like her outfit lol I do like that she went for comfort though!


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