HOLY crap!

I have been to hell and back.
This surgery had me down and out for days.
Not to mention the STUPID complications I had.

This is the FIRST time I have been on a computer.
And I am about to wear clothes, other than PJ's, for the first time in a week. Wow.

So I have no What I Wore posts, I haven't scoured the internet for pics that I love and I missed all of the Coachella pics. Bummer.

And in more sad news I leave for Cabo in the morning.
I say *sad* because I have no posts scheduled, zero guest bloggers lined up and therefore have another week of nothingness for my dear readers. I was on a roll and have felt all of your love. Thank you!

Please don't forget about me!
I will be back with some great What I Wore posts.
And some pics of my nephew.

Miss you all, bloggy friends!


  1. Don't worry, we will be here! Rest up, have a safe and enjoyable trip!

  2. We'll be here, don't worry! Have a safe trip.


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