Winter 30 for 30 remix: Outfit 7 of 30

After a weekend hiatus...I am back.
With an outfit post.
Bad news is that they are iPhone pics.

This outfit looked waaaayyy better in the mirror.
I hate the way it looked when photographed which is sad because I loved this outfit. I felt cute.
It could be because I wasn't wearing shoes in the pics.
I had to take them off the second I walked into the house.
I worked out with my trainer the night before and the pain I was in was unbearable.
(I was also wearing high waisted Spanx with high waisted Spanx tights. HOLY tightness!)

And here we go...

What I Wore:

Top: #4 Gap L/S blouse
Skirt: #2 Gap Print Skirt
Shoes: #5 Jessica Simpson 'Dany'
Belt: MMK red skinny belt
Necklace: Virgins, Saints and Angels (VSA)

Let's not mention how behind I am.
I'm working on it!


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