Winter 30 for 30 remix: Outfit 5 of 30

I am totally posting outfits out of order.
I know you would have never known that if I didn't tell you...but it is driving me crazy :)

It was back to work on Monday and this was the outfit.
Kind of plain...no jazzy accessories.
BUT I got a picture before my battery died.

This remix is telling me that I HAVE to take a photography and photoshop class.
Just so I can get the CRAP out of my pics. Haha.

See... lots of crap. hehe

What I Wore:

Top: Sweater #3 LC Lauren Conrad
Bottoms: Work #2 Gap riding leggings
Shoes: Shoes #2 YSL Trib Too
Jewelry: Michael Kors Rose Gold watch, Argento Vivo bangles


  1. i love the color of this sweater!!! and I know I could never afford your shoes ;)

  2. LOVE when you wear this color, it is very flattering on you


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