330: Valentino "Resort" shoes

{images via Nordstrom.com}

Alright, I give you my two favorite shoes for Resort (December thru February my friends. It's a season. A FASHION season). And they both happen to be from Valentino, and Nude. Hmm....

Many of my friends think that I sleep in my heels.
That I only wear heels every where that I go.
This is only partly true.
(I have multiple pairs of Haviana's and a few pairs of flat sandals and ballet flats. REALLY, I do)

While both of these shoes are by the same designer and just so happen to be in the same color, they are two very different styles. I am happy to showcase my love for flip flops, beyond the heels :)

The lace bow sandals are girly and comfy.
These can be worn with everything from jeans and a tee to summer dresses.
I am picturing myself wearing them with a green, silk romper with lots of gold jewelry.
I am addicted to the bow and I am so NOT a bow girl.

And the nude t strap heels with the beautiful rosette makes me swoon.
I love the different textures in the flower and the nude, napa leather is smooth as buttah!
The peep toe is slight and pretty!

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