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What a CRAZY week. Working Retail during Holiday Season is exhausting. And it JUST started. EEEK!

Black Friday Madness...had everyone out and shopping! The stores were busy. I checked my Facebook on the way to work and saw that 10+ friends had been out since 3am hitting the stores. I had two other friends Twitter WHY they wouldn't be out on Black Friday...they worked retail for many years and KNOW that the fun is gone. If I don't have to work a Black Friday in the future you can bet that I will be in bed. NOT out with the crazies. :) NO offense to those that do!

I have made a life change when it came to my eating habits and it has been exciting watching my weight drop. I have lost 23 pounds since August 15. Woohoo!! I am just trying to maintain my current weight for the month of December as I work INSANE hours and don't have time to prepare my meals every day. Wish me luck!

As you know I have been  trying to accomplish 365 posts, one a day (on average) for 2010. I took a break in May and don't really post on the weekends. I have scheduled out posts until the 1st. On Wednesday I will have 62 posts left. If I post TWO posts a day, EVERY day I will have accomplished my goal! Is it possible with my work schedule??? I sure as hell hope so :)

Have any of you started your Christmas shopping? I will get most of mine done by the end of the week. PLUS side to working in a retail environment. I am asking for everyone to contribute to buy me an iPad! I am so excited. I buy everything that I want. I am a nightmare to try and get a Christmas List out of!

Apparently this while post revolved around the Holidays! Get SHOPPING! Let me know if you need help, suggestions etc.

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  1. I am so excited for you about your new excercise and eating routine...you look AMAZING in pictures and you have this new glow! Keep it up girl :) xo


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