I want to keep your attention and obviously write/post about what is most helpful to you. I have posted numerous times on the direction that my blog will take. I am still unclear. Haha.

Many of my friends, who make up a majority of my readership, have been asking for more price conscious postings, the look for less, dressing on a budget etc. etc.

I would love help with some ideas...
 If I were to focus on dollar amounts...what is reasonable amount? $25, $50, $75, $100?
For a look for less...would that be JUST clothing pieces or would the accessories be included?
What stores do you shop at that I can reference to find items that resemble the more expensive pieces I find?

Please comment so I can get started :)

Thanks, friends!


  1. I love those "look for less" posts. I like the idea of putting together a whole look including accessories. But you could also focus on one specific aspect of the outfit like a coat, or the shoes, or a top, etc. (instead of always focusing on the entire look).

    As for the price, I think $100 is probably the best way to go. I'm sure some people might think that's too much, but you want to find good pieces!

  2. If you could do an outfit for
    $100, no accessories, that would be awesome. I love Forever 21,(website, not store; I go into overload at the store), Gap, Old Navy, Express, Kohl's, and Target for inexpensive pieces.

    Looking forward to seeing what you do with the blog.


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