290: Good Style reads

I LOVE to read.
I devour books and magazines.
You should see my bedroom floor...
it's not all clothes in those piles.

If you are looking to pick up a book or a magazine this weekend, might I suggest buying Lauren Conrad's "Style" and Vogue's Best dressed issue.
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{image via amazon.com}

Both are easy to read with great pictures.
(who said picture books are for babies???)
I am a visual learner and pictures make everything easier.

Whether you have a champagne taste on a beer budget...or can just plain afford the champagne, both reads will benefit you!

So there you have it.
An escape from your crazy family on Turkey day,
or something to help pass the time on that long road trip, a great option for curling up by the fire, or snuggled up next to your love.
An easy, inspiring fashion read.


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  1. I need to check out Vogue's Best Dressed. I have Lauren's book and I absolutely love it! I read the whole thing the day I got it. I find most style books like that to be rather predictable, but I love how Lauren was in the photos and wearing clothes she actually owns. She gave some great tips too!


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