266: Gap 'The City Flat'

I feel like I may be the last person on Earth to  discover these shoes.

{images via Gap.com}

These shoes are made of the softest leather, come in multiple colors and fabrications, roll up to fit in a pouch for easy travel AND have padded bottoms. Really?!?! How did I NOT know about the amazingness of these?

My personal favorite is this oxblood red color. But I love the eggplant purple and the luggage tan colors as well. Be sure to buy a half size up as the shoes run a little small. And STOCK up. I will be :)


  1. I've seen a few different flats like these, but I had no idea Gap sold some too. I'll have to look into these because I've been wanting to get a pair. They're so convenient! And that oxblood red color is amazing!!

  2. I'm wearing my purple ones right now! love them!


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