Tuesday Travel Style {2}

{image via gossipcenter.com}

Honestly...can I be her?
This looks like the cutest AND comfiest travel outfit.
I want the boots...so bad.
And that hat??? Killer. I am such a hat girl. In fact I am SUCH a hat girl that the BIG boss said (when wearing my cute leopard fedora, seen here.) "I totally forgot that you are such a cute hat girl". It made my day!
I have a large collection of gray sweaters, and I already have that handbag and those sunglasses.
I am SURE that I can put this look together on my own!

Lauren kills it. She is one of my favs. Top three.


  1. my obsession with her style is not okay! I adore her

  2. LOVE. Wish I had her closet, for real.

  3. I am with both of you. My obsession grows more every day. it's kind of sick. i even bought her Style book. YUP...could be a post this week! #ihaveissues


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