241: More Winter Kate loves!

{image via star style inc}

When I think of the "perfect" work outfit, this would be an amazing example!
I want to look fashion forward, a little trendy yet put together and polished.
This is a skirt and shirt combination...not a dress!
Nicole accomplishes all of that in this Winter Kate ensemble (the jacket is NOT W.K.)

I think that Nicole tends to look very Boho and more on the casual side.
But she showed her fans that her clothes can be worn in a professional setting as well.

Can we talk about her shoes for a minute?
I LOVE the structured shape that has a more masculine feel but the dainty ankle strap makes them quite feminine.

I am also really digging the Jasmine Velvet Burnout Cardi.
Tried it on and NEED it.
Only thing holding me back...Miley Cyrus was photographed wearing it. BIG TURN OFF!
What do you think? DO I need?

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