Top 5 things I can NOT travel withOUT

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Not Mandy (I wish I had Louis Luggage), Ashley Tisdale

I travel. At least once a week I am on a plane. My region consists of 5 states, 12 stores and endless airports. I am either at the beach, in the desert or surrounded by mountains. It is truly hard to pack for the weather. I have been doing this for over two years and I think that I have it down to a science. These are the FIVE things that go with me on every trip.

1. Apple iPhone

This phone has been my lifeline. Internet, games/fashion/social networking apps and an iPod. It is perfect for airport delays, taxi rides and to keep the chatty person sitting next to me from interrupting my de-stressing time! I currently have the 3gs. I never buy the first generation of any product. So I will make my iPhone 4 and iPad purchases in early 2011.

2. Nordstrom Tissue Cashmere

This is the BEST accessory on the planet. This luxurious piece of cashmere acts as a stylish scarf, a wrap to cover your shoulders, a blanket on the plane and a pillow when you need one. It is very durable and doesn't wrinkle too much. It comes in a variety of colors. This wrap has saved my when I forgot to pack a cardi and needed to cover my shoulders for work. It has spiced up outfits when I did not have jewelry or something felt off. Every person needs to own MORE than one of these babies!

3. Reading Material

I am an avid reader. It is my favorite downtime and I devour books! I am the same way with magazines. I can bet that I spend almost as much on books and magazines as I do clothes. Almost! At any given time you can check my bag and find a copy of any of the weeklies: US, Life and Style, In Touch. Along with my Elle, InStyle, Vogue etc. I have a very specific way that I read magazines so that they get looked at more than once.  I just finshed The girl with the Dragon Tattoo series. It was AMAZING. I am always looking for something new to read so send any suggestions :)

4. Nordstrom "Butter" socks

I love shoes. I pretty much only wear heels, HIGH heels. But the thing that you probably don't know is that I don't wear my shoes outside if I don't have to. I always carry flip flops or flats. I am hard on my shoes and don't want to ruin some of the pretty and pricey ones. Wearing flip flops on the plane can end up being quite chilly. Even in the summertime. So I always have the Nordstrom Butter socks with me. They are so soft and easy to wear. My feet always stay protected and cozy. They are sold mostly in November and December. Be sure to pick up a pair! They make great gifts as well!

5. A Large Tote bag (my preference is the Marc by Marc Pretty Nylon 'Tate' bag)

Any traveling Fashionista HAS to have a tote to throw all of her stuff in. Most airlines only let you bring on a small suitcase and a personal item. I need something large enought to carry my laptop, work files, snacks, reading material AND my everyday Handbag. The MMJ Tate holds it all. You will be amazed with how much fits in it. This bag also fits under the seat in front of you and stays pretty clean due to the material. I own three of these bags, not because I needed a new one but because I love the prints so much. I am currently carrying the leopard print. I get more compliments on this bag than anything.

Runner ups:
  • Rosebud Salve- it is a lip moisturizer, hand cream and flyaway fixer or eyebrow tamer. Buy it at Urban Outfitters, Anthro or your local beauty supply store. 6 bucks...last forever.
  • Evian Facial water spray. GREAT for the face after being in different climates and after long flights with recessed air. YUCK. Buy here.
  • Oversized sunglasses: any shape or size. Hides undereye bags, not so perfect make up and looks chic when you leave the airport. I always have two pairs with me.
So there you have it my friends! A sneak peak into my crazy world. Check out these items before your next traveling adventure! You won't be sorry!


  1. Couldn't live without my MMJ Pretty Nylon Bag!

  2. Me either! The best! WHat color/print do you carry?


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