Hey you!

Do you own a Nordstrom card?
It doesn't matter if it is a charge card or a *MOD card!
You get TRIPLE points for FIVE days.

Starts TODAY!

Head to your local store or hit up the online store at Nordstrom.com!

Earn money on your new Fall purchases.
You can thank me later ;)

***If you do not have a MOD card or have never heard of the MOD card, it is a card that is linked directly to your checking account. It is like a debit card that only works at Nordstrom. You get MONEY back for paying cash. You don't always have to charge it! This card honestly saved my life when I cut up my charge cards. I get rewarded for shopping. It's amazing!***

And YES I work for the company, but NO I am not paid extra for this. I really want everyone to SAVE!

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