221: LOVE when people can LAUGH at themselves

{image via usmagazine.com}

How absolutely AMAZING is this pic?
I was laughing out loud when I saw it!

The twins definitely have a unique sense of style, that I happen to love. They are petite and have a love for larger things. Ellen did a great job by "gifting" them new handbags and sunglasses.

This totally made me happy.
And love the Olsen's more.

I think EVERY girl who loves accessories can relate.
My BF calls me a BUG when I wear most of my glasses.
And my Dad refers to every handbag I have as "luggage".
Men will never understand!


  1. hahaha. i love this. :) i love it when people can laugh at themselves. its a great feature.

  2. funny. You're not alone w/ the BF and dad comments. I'm not even girlie or fashionable but I love big glasses and have 1 big purse. My husband says I could carry my child in my purse and if I need wiper for my windsheilds (glasses)......boys wont understand lol.

  3. LOVE THIS! I'm a big fan of the olsen twins, but this just sealed the deal!

  4. @ Lane and Sydney: THANKS for the comments and for checking out my blog! If you like what you see please follow :) The Olsen's are great and this picture TRULY made me happy and sealed the deal for me too :)

    @ Nichelle: Oh my...I was dying laughing at the windshield wiper comment! and CONGRATS on being preggo! I am praying for a boy :)


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