216: Furry

I have been obsessed with this picture of Ashley since I saw it a couple of months ago on an Olsen's fans blog. I am dying to have fur (or faux fur) jacket that I can wear with everything, especially with my jeans like Ashley does above.

When I saw this jacket...I knew it would be perfect to acheive the look I wanted.
{image via nordstrom.com}

The sad and unfortunate thing is that it didn't fit me.
BUT I love it and want to find it a good home. SO I am hoping one of you love it as much as I do. The jacket is very narrow in the shoulders but hits at the perfect spot on your hips. Its not too short or too long.

Let me know if you pick one up!
It is available in the Accessory department.


  1. Purchased this one today at Nordstrom - LOVE!

  2. You did??? YAY! I love it and was so bummed that it didn't fit my swimmers shoulders (hey! it sounds better than Line backers shoulders!).

    Thanks for the comment and for visiting my blog :)


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