One hundred ninety one: Work it, Girl!

{image via starstyleinc.com}

I have never been the biggest Kristin fan. I hated her on Laguna Beach and then as she got older she always played "the bitch" even when I don't think she wanted to. She was always the plainer one on the reality shows, in my opinion. But she is SMOKIN' in this shoot. I love everything about this picture. From her amazing hair, to the sexy and edgy tank, to the feminine yet rough ruffled skirt and amazing shoes. The outfit is insane.

Kristin ROCKS it out!


  1. I love the fashion and styling in her shoots but she looks so stiff and awkward to me. I think she is still getting the hang of modeling. Perez Hilton posted a shoot she did on CocoPerez, check it out and you might see what I mean :)

  2. You are definitely right! I just love the outfit! SASSY


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