176: LC Lauren Conrad Sweater

{image via Kohls.com}

HOW cute is this sweater? I am so enamored with it.
This is a gorgeous red and I love anything with a boat neck! I think that the neck and shoulders are so sexy when subtlely exposed. I bought this sweater and a couple other LC Lauren Conrad tops the other day. I cannot wait to get them in the mail.

And can we talk about Lauren's hair?
She has been my hair icon for the last ten months. (it used to be Jessica Simpson but I am over the super blonde hair on me) Lauren has a more natural looking blonde that my hair dresser does her best to replicate on me.


  1. LOVE it. I didn't see that on the Kohls site! I want one too!

  2. That's a gorgeous sweater! That's so something I would wear too. I love LC. She's so stylish and classy.

  3. Ohmigosh that sweater is adorbs! And Lauren's hair...ummm, I totes need it. Though I am even more obsessed with Blake Lively's hair - gah! Tres gorgeous!! :)

  4. There are a few other things that I want as well! Fall is looking good for her collection. I will be posting about the dress I want later this week. And the floral tunic...AMAZING!

    THANK YOU for the comments ladies!


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