I am REALLY excited to try something new this weekend. I will be posting my 365 posts from the Nordstrom stores this weekend. I will update with pics of my favorite items and top sale picks. It will be done through out the day. Mixing business with pleasure. Should be a GOOD time.

And a special "hello" and a HUGE Thank You to my new readers and my new commenters. Seeing new comments makes my day! And finding out I have new readers puts the biggest smile on my face. So thank you for reading and for coming back!

On that note...
Is there anything in particular you would like to know or read about? What makes you come back to a blog on a regular basis?

I am always striving to be better and to grow. Would love any feedback!

I'll be working (and posting) all weekend. Hope you all plan on hitting the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and enjoying the beautiful weather!


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  1. Fun idea! Can't wait to see your choices from the Sale. Wish I could go but I'll be with my Parents this weekend which means no shopping haha.


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