In honor of Game 4 tonight!
 (since we will only have 2 games left)

I have been a Lakers fan for as long as I can remember. I would sit and watch the "Dream Team" with my Dad in the eighties. In the fifth grade I did flip flop and love the Chicago Bulls (Hello, Michael Jordan!). But after that brief and fleeting moment my heart has belonged to the Lakers. My senior year of High School my friends and I got to meet Kobe Bryant, randomly, at Magic Mountain and rode Viper with him and his friends. It was pretty awesome. OH...and coincidentally I sat next to Kobe's wife in Sophomore English. We went to the same High School! SO I truly feel like I have a connection :) I had to post my love and show off my CUTE LAKERS tee and BF jeans! (Please excuse the grainy pics. I need an iPhone 4 to change that. Hehe)

GO LAKERS!!! Two games left and the title is yours! Again!

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